Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. I rang in the year with a movie marathon with my husband and the pets and we went promptly to bed at midnight. Now that the craziness of the holidays is over with I am back and ready for a new year. I always make a list of resolutions. We I don’t call them resolutions. They are my big overall to do list. I always start my day with a to do list and this is just the one I start the year with. Some are lofty goals and some are ones I know will be easier to obtain. I will check in as the year goes on to and let you know how it each one goes.

Resolutions for 2010

• Travel three places that I have never been.

• Run two 5k races by my birthday (October) and a 10k on Thanksgiving at the Turkey Trot.

• Build a vegetable and herb garden in the Spring.

• Do one home improvement project job on the house every month.

• Continue on my weight loss journey in a healthy way.

• Continue attending one yoga and one dance class a week.

• Continue weight training at the gym three days a week.

• Work on getting our grocery bill to be less than $100 a week. (How we spend so much at the grocery store is beyond me for just two people.)

• Buy a set of bikes for the hubby and me and start biking.

• Spend more weekend days at the beach.

• Put more money aside for fun trips.

• Try camping.

• Try one new dish a week.

• Attempt to dress cuter. (This means actually taking the time to care about my appearance and not just waking up and leaving for work.)

Until Next Time,



  1. I really like the idea of this as a to-do list. Somehow that makes it seem more manageable than a resolution list. It's all semantics though right?

    Happy New Year Christine! You inspire me as well. I can't wait to keep hearing from you in the new year :D

  2. I like the one about planting a garden. Did you happen to see Iron Chef on Sunday night where they got to pick the vegetables from the White House Garden? It was spectacular. I would love to be able to just go outside and pick food and make it.

    As for your food bill. I have a family of 5 so saving on groceries for me is HUGE! Do you have an Aldi near you? They have a line of Fit and Active Foods that are really good. I save about 1/2 what I would spend at a regular store. Also, do you have a Trader Joe's near you? They have great frozen stuff that's cheap. Like, frozen fruits for smoothies, frozen chicken breasts, frozen vegetables that would last you two a long time.

    Best of luck on your 2010 goals!