Sunday, January 10, 2010

9 degrees in Florida

Okay so here in Tampa it didn’t get down to 9 degrees but it did get down to 17 last night and there were snow sightings the night before. That is right, you heard me. Snow in the middle of Florida!! The last time that happened I wasn’t even born. However all of this cold weather has brought back the memories of recent trip the hubby and I took.

The husband and I took a trip to Orlando (the land of the larger than life mouse). We spent the day attending an attraction called ICE! It is the only place (at the time) that was 9 degrees in Florida. It is this entire winter wonderland that is created entirely from ice. What these people created is absolutely awe inspiring! Here are some photos from our adventures at ICE!

Old Man Winter

I was freezing sitting on the merry go round.

He sooo didn't want his picture taken.

A nativity scene that was spectacular.

My absolute fav was this angel. So beautiful.

Until Next Time,


  1. That was pretty wasn't it? We live here in Orlando, and went before Christmas.

  2. That is absolutely insane! I think it may be colder there than it is here. Global warming? Haha.

    The ICE attraction looks like it was so much fun. The sculptures are CRAZY!

  3. I actually watched a show on TLC one time about people who make those, it was insane how pretty they were!

    It is crazy how cold it got in Florida! It's like its Chicago for pete's sake!