Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Back

I haven’t disappeared. I swear! I have just been super busy.

We visited my parents two weekends ago when there was the major snow storm that hit North Carolina. Brian was super excited because he had never seen snow before. We were almost snowed in and our flight back was delayed which caused a ripple effect through my week and this past weekend was spent getting caught up.

On top of all that, I have to admit I was kind of avoiding the whole cyber world. Two weeks ago I had to get a skin biopsy and the results just came in but during that waiting time, I would spend hours researching skin cancer and melanoma. So I would stop freaking out I just avoided the internet all together. Good news is the biopsy came back negative and everything is good for now. But I have become the new spokesperson for SPF!!! I used to always just use what was in my moisturizer and then wear extra if I was going to be outside but now I slather it on everyday no matter what. I do live in the Sunshine state and need to be extra careful.

But now I’m back and better than ever. I promise to have some great recipes up this week and possibly some cute Valentine treats if I can find something diet friendly.

Until Next Time,