Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly Weigh In with Frustrations

So I totally missed last week’s weigh in, which was a loss of 1 pound. This week I haven’t loss anything. I am at the same weight. I feel so frustrated. Maybe I am paying for my loss of 5 pounds two weeks ago so now I am staying the same but I hate it. I am working so hard and it makes getting on the scale every morning difficult. My next thoughts involve a Biggest Loser Spoiler Alert so beware before you read. I feel like Rebecca from Biggest Loser last night. She is working so hard and then she only lost 3 pounds which for the biggest loser is the equivalent of my 1 pound, then no pound weight loss. Then she had to be sent home. She and Amanda are my inspiration on that show. Probably because they are younger like me, and were close to my starting weight but now with Rebecca gone, Amanda better win! However seeing Rebecca afterward running the half marathon was truly inspirational. So this coming up week even with the holiday I am going to make a double effort at the gym. I mean my holiday shopping is basically done so Friday I will be spending my time on the treadmill. If anyone has hints to help with these weight loss plateaus and how to deal with them, send them my way! I could use them.

So overall numbers, I am now down 21 lbs and currently weighing in at 219.

Until next time,



  1. I think your weight loss so far is great. I do have a piece of advice for you. Don't weigh yourself every day. When you are in weight loss mode, once a week is perfect. That way, you just keep going, you feel great check your progress on the same day every week. My weigh in is on Fridays. I picked Friday, so it will keep me motivated to do good over the weekend.

    I agree, Rebecca looked amazing!

  2. Congrats on your 21 pound weight loss! Losing weight is incredibly hard and so it's important not to get obsessed with the numbers week by week. I know, it's hard. I used to weigh myself every day and whether or not I saw a loss determined what my mood would be for the rest of the day. Not healthy at all.

    It is definitely possible (and very likely) that the five pound weight loss of two weeks ago is what is holding you back. Sometimes our bodies like to lose weight in spurts rather than at a steady pace. Just keep on chugging along and keep up the good eating! You can do this!!