Monday, October 26, 2009

Shaking in my Flip Flops

Wow! So this is so exciting and scary at the same time. I have been reading other people’s blogs for years now and always thought I would never be that brave. I mean it takes a ton of courage to write a blog, the whole put yourself out there and the world can read and criticize (oh please don’t) your thoughts. But at the beginning of this year I decided I needed some life changes. I know I am young but there are so many things I could do to better myself. So at New Year’s I made a list of fears and goals, and ways to overcome the first and accomplish the second.

One of my fears is public speaking. Gasp!!! I know such an unoriginal fear, right? (Okay, I do have a few weird ones, like eating anything out of the sea but I will get to that later.) I figured if I could start and write a blog then I could start to overcome this fear. I mean my thoughts are out there, even if I am not standing in front of all ya’ll picturing you naked. Not saying that is a bad visual, just not one I want in my head. But then came the big questions, “What in the world do I talk about?” and “Will anyone care?”

Well this lead me to think about my other goals, because if I could incorporate two into one, then score one for me. So one of my goals was to focus more on me and get back into hobbies that make me happy. So I got back into cooking and baking for my oh so fabulous husband (more on him some other time). And then I got back into photography. Or should I say I am starting to get back into photography. So naturally, I thought of a cooking blog.

[Insert angels singing and rainbow shining]

It was meant to be. I mean ideas like that only come around once. So with a blog- I have a fear conquered and with cooking and photos- I have another goal accomplished. Am I smart or what?

But and this is a big but (not going to make the joke there, too easy), I didn’t want the blog to be just about cooking. That is the main reason for the blog, but I want you to hear about my life- as mundane and boring as it might be. So while this blog will be about cooking (I promise to have some recipes up in the next few days…. I am still a newbie at this whole blog site thing). I also want you to experience my crazy, wacky life. I mean I have really lived… you know the past 25 years and all. So now you get to hear about these new crazy experiences whether you want to or not. (Please say you want to!!!) And to be honest I’m not shaking anymore so that is a good sign. Until next time.....


P.S. I said I would explain my really weird phobia. So here it is… I am prepared to be mocked. …. Drum roll, please! I won’t eat anything out the sea, water, etc. This means no shrimp, lobster, fish, etc. I know I’m weird, you can say it. But what makes it worse….. I live in Florida. I mean hello…. surrounded by water here. So unless the hubby requests some seafood, you won’t be seeing many posts on that.

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